See what cadi b did when her husband was drag by the police

A video was leaked to show how cardi b mother of one react when her husband offset was arrested by the police

The rap queen showned up at the scene in a Rolls-Royce as offset argued with the police who drage him out of his car for refusing to switch of his car engine

Cardi B was seen shouting at the scene held by some extourage. She said” why are you putting gun at him” he is not armed,my husband is not armed

Offset is then seen leaning at the wall questioned by the officers..the live feed from offset instalive captured the moment the police officer ordered him to turn off his engine and come out of his orange jeep which he refused to do so.

When one of the police accused him of waving gun at people

Crazy clown the popular Instagram comedian almost lost his life in an accident

Emmanuel Iwueke popularly known as crazy clown almost lost his life in an accident which happen on Monday,

He took it into his Instagram page thanking God for saving his life,the very day the incidence happened was his wife birthday.

In the accident one soul died and the comedian can out alive…

He said”God you save my life on my wife birthday.will tell the story later,but for now just help me thank God”he wrote

China is really planning something big

China is planning on launching it’s own man-made moon 🌒 in 2022 to replace the street light and lower electricity cost in urban areas.

China is planning on launching 3 artificial moons in orbit around the Earth

This will shines 8 times brighter than the natural moon itself

What do you think about this .. ..leave your comments

The government is a failure

Right this morning at mazamaza we got information that the covid19 food ment to be share for the poor citizen where stored in a company where they repack and sell to the nation,the people of that particular area bursted the warehouse and people from different locations came to pack the food,where four people lost their lives,three female and a make due to the rigorous pushing even the Nigerian army can testify about it

Letter sent to Nigerian Army by general lekan okikiola Joseph


  • I write this letter to Nigerian Army, Dhq and those in charge of security matters in Nigeria with all sense of humility and patriotism…. I received the news of army plan on operation crocodile smiles with great suspicion, and I asked myself why now that the youths are protesting against their future from being jeopardize that army would come up with this operation, although their spokes person denied allegation that the operation was not targeted at the youths, but their crocodile is already smiling at ado ekiti (ekiti state capital) based on the information I got from political platform of Ray power fm this morning.
    I am appealing to the Chief of army staff that peaceful protest is the right of every Nigerian and one of the ingredients that makes the soup of democracy to be more palatable… the smiles of your crocodile will be admired in States like: Katsina zamfara Niger and other states that are being ravaged by terrorists and bandits especially Borno where several attempts had been made to terminate the life of the governor while discharging his constitutional duties, and believe you me general buratai professor Zulum will entertain your crocodiles better than gov. Fayemi …

I agree that some unscrupulous elements might take advantage of the protest to perpetrate act of hooliganism but majority of right thinking people all over the world agree that the protest is well organized and it has so far earned admirations of the whole world.
Also I want the army to warn those that are trying to turn the protest into verbal political war or cause ethnic division in the country to go and take the back sit and cover their faces in shame…. the government could not feed the people during the lock down but the youths have been feeding people to satisfaction for the past 14 days…. for miyetti Allah to accuse Asiwaju Bola tinubu of sponsoring such a well organized protest is unreasonable and should be discouraged….

Let the army crocodile go and smile at those who cannot provide the basic needs of the people like education.good health care, good roads and basic infrastructures with the trillion of naira being budgeted on yearly bases and allow the youths to protect their destinies.

The people that diverted funds meant for palliatives during the lock down as recently revealed by icpc needs the smiles and even the tears of army crocodiles and not the youths
I’m not a fan of disunity or breaking the country into pieces, I stand by one and indivisible Nigeria…..

For your information General buratai I was born in Nguru formerly under Borno state but now under yobe, I acquired 90% of my education in the North… I can drive a car even without light at night from Nguru to biu your home town without hitting any object… am a lover of the North and Nigeria in general, please let your crocodiles go and smile at those that needs their smiles and leave Nigeria youths alone.
God bless Nigerian army, Nigerian youths and federal republic of Nigeria…..

Yours sincerely:
Lekan Okikiola Joseph lawal.

Lagos State has closed schools due to endsars protest…see full below



The Lagos State Government has directed all pupils/students in public and private schools to stay at home following the tension generated by the anti- SARS protests.

Commissioner for Education, Mrs Folasade Adefisayo, who issued the directive today, said the safety of the pupils/students, parents and all staff working in schools is paramount at this critical period.

She however advised parents to keep an eye on their wards and not allow them to be used as willing tools in the hands of those who might want to hijack the protests to unleash mayhem on the society.

The Commissioner also encouraged schools to utilize other means of distance teaching and learning i.e radio, television and online media as they have been doing during and post the recent COVID-19 lockdown.

According to Adefisayo, a new date of resumption for all classes will be announced as soon as possible.
Kayode Abayomi
Head, Public Affairs
Ministry of Education